Best dangdut music artists

Best dangdut music artists

Similar to many other Indonesian cultural objects, the dangdut music genre is fresh, eclectic, and diverse. Dangdut is influenced by Hindustani, Malay, Arabic, rock, and blues music and is full of creativity. Whereas the genre is usually underrated and undermined for lacking taste in addition to being characterized by cheap performances, the following dangdut music artists are accountable for good music.

Rhoma Irama

Raden Irama usually referred to as Rhoma Irama, is an Indonesian dangdut musician and actor. People brand him as "king of Dangdut." His music group is called Soneta and also the most excellent Indonesian musician for decades. You can access his music online through Tidal. He was known by his stage name Oma Irama before he made a pilgrimage to Mecca and became a hajji. His career begun in the late 1960s when he recorded solo records with the group called Orkes Melayu Purnama. He sang duets on many record LPs with Indonesian female vocal stars, including Inneke Kusumawati, Ellya Khadam, Lily Junaedhy, and Vivi Sumanti. When Rhoma quit from recording with the Purnama Group, he then established Orkes Melayu Soneta, the first “Dangdut group. It was Rhoma who started the term “dangdut” and also had a song by that name in the early 70s. He wrote the classics entitled “Kareta Malam” and “Kuda Lumping” which Elvy Sukaesih sung. When Soneta was formed in the early 70s, Oma changed his name to Rhoma and then made music news for many successful hit records and films that starred Rhoma playing himself while performing all of his hits. His album produced in 1974 called Begadang ranked # 11 on the Rolling Stone Indonesia charts called "150 Greatest Indonesian Albums of All Time".

Julia Perez

Julia Perez doubled as an actress and a singer from Jakarta, Indonesia. She lived between 15th July 1980 to 10th July 2017 and was born by the name Yuli Rachmawati. Julia became a dangdut singer on the Indonesian music scene and had an album entitled “Kamasutra” in 2008. You can do her music downloads from Amazon Music.

Inul Daratista

She was born on 21st January 1979 in Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia, with the name Ainur Rokhimah. She is a dangdut singer and performing artist. Inul is a corrupted format of Ainur and is also her childhood pet name. She started her career in music while singing in a ‘rock' band and embraced the stage name Daratista. The singer became famous on a national level after her televised Jakarta concert in 2003. Her dance moves referred by her as Goyang Inul or Ngebor, quickly turned in to a source of controversy because of her gyrating hip motions. Her music releases are available on Amazon Music for you.

Ayu Ting Ting

Ayu Ting Ting was born with the name Ayu Rosmalina on 20th June 1992 in Depok, Indonesia. She is an Indonesian dangdut singer who debuted in 2007 with the hit single entitled 'Alamat Palsu' (Fake Address). Excitingly, Ayu rose to fame because of this single four years after its release. Apart from doing singing, she is a model and presenter. Find her music online through Amazon Music. Her latest music release is called Apalah Cinta.

Elvy Sukaesih

Born on 25th July 1951, Elvy Sukaesih is a famous singer in Java, Indonesia, and is regarded as the queen of Dangdut. Sukaesih has a sizable fan base in other Asian countries, including Japan. She among the prolific recording artists since the late 1960s. Elvy Sukaesih and Rhoma Irama are all influencers of Dangdut music in Indonesia. Her online songs are present on Tidal. Her latest release is called Dangdut Hits.

Trio Macan

Trio Macan is comprised of Lia Ladysta, Iva Novanda, and Dian Aditya. Lia, Dian, and Iva were dangdut singers in villages of East Java. But since the trio often met on a single stage, Lia invited them to join the Trio Macan. You can find their good music on Tidal. Their latest music release is a single called Jangan Nget Ngetan.

Via Vallen

Few dangdut songs carry the same popularity as Via Vallen's single called 'Sayang,' which was ranked as the second most viewed music video of 2017. Via's juvenile and modern take on the traditional genre places her songs in the spotlight of mainstream music in Indonesia, thus making her songs and music vids more prevalent over a larger audience and most music reviews than most dangdut songs. Because of this, she got a nickname, 'Pop Queen Koplo.'

Online music streaming sites

Online music streaming sites

In case you are searching for the perfect soundtracks for boosting your mood or for making your party a moment to remember, look out for the following online music streaming sites in 2020.

SiriusXM Internet Radio

The advantage of using this service is that it has numerous live talks regarding new music releases, music reviews, sports updates, and good music channels ideal for music lovers. On this site, you can ably pause and rewind tracks; it has an essential Tune Start alert system, in addition to top song recommendations, deep channel customization options, and high-profile content with exclusivity. However, this site offers no lyrics, and it stopped having the excellent Start Now feature. All in all, SiriusXM Internet Radio provides music with clear audios, various live stations, and talk radio is mandatory for radio-streaming fans despite a few setbacks.


Tidal's exclusive video content comprises music videos, music video outtakes, sneak peeks, as well as backstage concert footage. Video content is accessible to both Tidal Premium and Tidal HiFi subscribers. Tidal subscribers receive first dibs on select concert and sports tickets before the general public can purchase them in addition to Tidal-exclusive streaming concerts. However, Tidal does not permit you to record its streaming audio. In case you need that unique feature, check out SiriusXM Internet Radio, the Editor's Choice for streaming audio clips and services focused on live audio. The advantage you get from using Tidal is that it offers excellent sound quality; it has extended editorial pieces, themed playlists, on-demand playback, exclusive backstage content, live streams, and concerts. However, Tidal's downside is that it has no lyrics and no free version.

Amazon Music Unlimited

You will be quickly swayed away by Amazon Music Unlimited's different prices, substantial library, besides, to support for the Amazon Echo, Fire TV, and Tap. Amazon Music Unlimited provides unique features that are worth a glimpse, and these include high-resolution audio and compatibility with Alexa-powered products. This Amazon music service is paid for and no longer free. The goodness in Amazon Music Unlimited is that it has an extensive music library, fresh scrolling lyrics, useful Alexa-specific features, tight integration with Amazon device family, and HD and Ultra HD audio quality tiers. However, Amazon Music Unlimited only offers comedy clips and music content.

Apple Music

From its date of release, Apple Music-Cupertino's streaming audio service enables people to stream music as well as music videos to their iOS devices, to dive into several curated playlists, and find artists in Indonesia using Siri voice commands. An Android version debuted briefly after its iOS counterpart that is the first departure for Apple, one that shows how seriously it considers music. Currently, Apple Music continues its platform expansion by introducing its 50 million-song library to web browsers. Apple Music has attractive features, including its human-curated Beats 1 channel, which makes this service a strong contender in its category. Signing up on Apple Music is straightforward and gives you a three-month trial, a strong music video crop to macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, CarPlay, HomePod, Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Amazon Echo, Sonos, in addition to web browsers. However, Apple Music does not provide unique extras like podcasts and ticket sales; also, it has no free version.


Spotify stands as one of the best online music services in Indonesia. It has managed to stay on top of the game because of its massive catalog, collaborative playlists, podcasts, in addition to other attractive features. Spotify is successful because you can access it by launching the web player, through downloading the desktop apps (present on Chrome book, Linux, Mac, and Windows) or by installing any of the mobile apps (present for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile). Also, you can access Spotify on TVs, set-top boxes, smartwatches, and home video game consoles. The desktop apps are advantageous over the web player and mobile apps because you can ably use the former to comfortably play M4P, MP3, and MP4 audio files that are stored on your computer. It is centrally a cool feature for individuals in need of playing all their music streams and audio files from one central location. However, the desktop app is not compatible with M4A files.

The Android and iOS Spotify App, however, share an added benefit. On mobile, Spotify has partnered with Genius, a popular web lyrics site to offer Behind The Lyrics (although not full lyrics) similar to how they are sung and rapped. No lyrics are present in the web or desktop apps. Additionally, Behind The Lyrics provides behind-the-scenes information, including song facts or inspirations.

Popular pop Indonesian songs

Popular pop Indonesian songs

It's time to know about pop music. Pop is a kind of music that began in its modern forms in the USA and the United Kingdom during the mid-1950s. The phrases, 'popular music' and 'pop music' are sometimes applied interchangeably, even though they both represent popular music in several styles. 'Rock and 'Pop' somehow carried the same meaning until the late 1960s, when they became distinguished from each other. Even when a lot of music appearing on record charts seems like pop music, the genre is separate from chart music. Pop music sometimes borrows elements from other styles, including urban, dance, rock, Latin, and country music. Many artists join the Indonesian music industry in the pop genre. The songs of some of these artists have managed to make it to the top 40 pop music charts in Indonesia and the rest of Asia. The following are the songs that are worth listening to by music fans.

Berpisah Itu Mudah (Break up is an easy thing) by Rizky Febian feat. Mikha Tambayong.

This song is for those who cannot let go of their ex-partners. The song further emphasizes that although break-up is natural, it is not so simple to erase the memories that couples once experienced when still in love. The song was a collaboration duet between Rizky Febian, who made his career more sounding due to his debut song called Kesempurnaan Cinta together with Mikha Tambayong, a pop star.

Nyaman by Andmesh

Andmesh Kamaleng won people's hearts all over Indonesia, given his appearances on the country's 'Rising Star' talent show and has also continued to get a brand for himself for the big pop ballads like Nyaman together with jazz rhythms. Andmesh recorded success in his music career when his song entitled ‘Hanya Rindu' about his late mother reached nine million views in 2019 on YouTube in the first three weeks of its release.

Salah Apa Aku(Setan Apa Yang) by Via Vallen

Via Vallen is an Indonesian singer born on 1st October 1991. She was previously known as Maulidia Octavia and later changed her names for professional purposes to Via Vallen. She is an instrumental vocalist whose music genres include dangdut, koplo, and pop.

Cinta Karena Cinta by Judika

Judika is a great singer who got nominated in the AMI Award for Best Pop Male Solo Artist. Judika was born on 31st August 1978 in Sidikalang, Indonesia. His full name is Judika Nalon Abadi Sihotang. Judika became a singer after securing runner-up positions at singing competitions like Asia Bagus (1998) and Indonesian Idol (2005). While with a capella group called Antero Boys, he won the ‘Cerbul de aur song Festival Rumania' in 2000 and then later released his debut album entitled One in 2007. Ever since then, he has produced a string of chart heading hits like Bukan Dia Tapi Aku, Cinta Satukan Kita, Aku Yang Tersakiti, Sampai Kau Jadi Milikku, and Jikalau Kau Cinta. In 2011, he was the vocalist of Mahadewa, a musical band fronted by Ahmad Dhani, before departing from this group in 2014. Apart from singing, Judika is an actor who has featured in five films. He is famous for his aggressive stage performance together with loud rocking vocals in Indonesia

Nyaman by Virzha

Virzha is a pop singer who was born on 12th May 1990. He was the main vocalist of the indie rock band Hoppipolla between 2006 to 2008. The pop singer attained fame after competing on the reality song contest, Indonesian Idol, in 2014. In 2015, Virzha got nominated for the Best Newcomer award at the Anugerah Musik Indonesia awards ceremony. Currently, his pop song entitled Nyaman is doing well on the Indonesia music scene.

Rekah by Brisia Jodie

Brisia Jodie was born in Yogyakarta on 30th March 1996. She is a pop singer who was a finalist in the Indonesian Idol 2018 competitions. Her latest song, called Rekah, is adored by many pop lovers in Indonesia. She has won several awards like the AMI Award for Best Pop Duo/group, Dahsyatnya Award for Outstanding Duet/Collaboration, and Dahsyatnya Award Untuk Lagu Galau Terdahsyat.

In conclusion, the pop music genre is taking Indonesia's music industry by storm, and this is evident by the several concerts, festivals, music competitions on a worldwide platform that are all showcasing pop artists and songs as a big deal to all music lovers.

Good music in Indonesia 2020

Good music in Indonesia 2020

The only way to know about music news in Indonesia and the rest of Asia is by relying on the Indo beat music blog. 2019 was a year of good music concerts and festivals in a variety of genres, such as RnB, rock, pop, jazz, remixes, among others. And now, in 2020, Indonesia's music scene is predicted to be more significant for music gigs and festival revelers. Below are the confirmed music concerts and festivals you can watch out for in 2020.

Bon Iver-2020 Tour Jakarta.

This new decade will start with the Jakarta leg of Bon Iver's 2020 Asia tour scheduled on the 19th January 2020 at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta. After getting two Grammy awards, tours that sold-out, together with the acclaimed release of their 4th studio album entitled 'i, i', the Wisconsin-based band is now ready to stage a performance filled with glorious sounds that will amaze you for the first time in Indonesia. Be informed that this event is only for persons over 18 years. No pregnant women will access the venue. All customers are supposed to present their e-vouchers before accessing the place. Everyone entering the site must have a valid identification with his/her photo. The event organizers prohibit the following items at the venue, liquid in any form apart from make-up, perfumes, sunscreens, eye drops, and hand sanitizers, also, no illegal drugs, outside food or beverages and alcoholic drinks, no laser pens and pointers together with other focused light devices, no musical instruments, noisemakers, whistles, or air horns, no large chains, chained wallets or spiked jewelry, no vape refills in any form, no cigarettes, umbrellas, portable chairs, no poles, sticks, or "totems." All this is to ensure a more organized event that offers excellent enjoyment.

Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2020.

It is no doubt that this festival is among the largest jazz festivals on a global level and notably the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. The festival will take place from 28th February to 1st March in 2020 at JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta. Many confirmed artists to perform include the Jacksons, Omar Apollo, Tony Monaco and Friends, Gerald Situmorang, Marcell, Brass Against, among others. Tickets are already available for sale. Free yourself and treat yourself to good music in Indonesia at the 16th edition of the Jakarta International BNI Java Jazz Festival.

88rising Heads in the Clouds, Jakarta.

You shouldn't miss the highly awaited music festival known as the 88rising Heads in the Clouds that scheduled to take place in Jakarta. Many rising artists on the Indo music scene will grace this event as well as some popular 88rising acts.

Hammersonic 2020 – Rise of the empire.

Rejoice for the return of Hammersonic, which is among the first rock and metal international festivals to be held in Indonesia and is also the most significant annual rock and metal music festival in Asia-Pacific that will take place between 27th March and 28th March 2020. Since 2012, the festival has turned in to a trendsetter in Indonesia's metal music scene, and a must-attend for many music fans. You will watch performances from winning metal bands such as Slipknot, among others to be announced. The gates will be open at 14:00. The festival promoter is obliged to deny entry to intoxicated guests or any guest found having illegal substances and weapons. People in possession of illicit substances will be reported to the police instantly, and no refunds will be awarded.

Khalid – Free Spirit Asia Tour 2020.

Get ready for Khalid's concert. The singer and songwriter's concert will take place in Jakarta on 28th March 2020. As a section of Khalid's Free Spirit Asia Tour 2020, he will return to Jakarta and entertain his fans with a live music performance. The singer of top songs such as "Location," "Talk," and "Better" is holding his concert at Istora Senayan, Jakarta.

LaLaLa Festival, 2020.

After hosting around 18000 visitors and presenting international performers in 2019, the LaLaLa festival is back in 2020. The previous year was massive, given the international performers of the class Horne, The Internet, Crush, and national music heroes, including Project Pop and Sheila on 7, had a successful stage performance. The 2020 LaLaLa festival is scheduled for 18th to 19th April and will again transpire at Orchid Forest, Cikole, Lembang, Bandung. Cross-check with the LaLaLa fest website for the latest information regarding the event.

In conclusion, 2020 is a year of good music in Indonesia for residents and expats of Malaysia.